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O The Blood Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worship, Kari Jobe

O the blood Crimson love Price of life’s demand Shameful sin Placed on Him The Hope of every man

On Our Way Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – MercyMe & Sam Wesley

Can’t believe we’ve come this far and It feels just like getting started Somehow we’re still running Like those kids back then, kids back then Scraped some knees and fallen down but Somehow we keep getting back up Long as there is wonder Gonna keep running, yeah, we’ll keep running In this moment, it’s electric […]

On And On Chords and Lyrics – Housefires

Where can I run from Your presence Where can I flee from You Even if I hide on the highest mountain You are there

Out Of My Hands Chords and Lyrics – Jeremy Camp

Every day this never ending pressure Tries to take its claim over my heart I have tried to hold it all together But time and time again, I fall apart

Our Father Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Don Moen

Hear our prayer We are your children and we’re gathered here today We’re gathered here to pray Hear our cry Oh Lord we need your mercy and we need your grace today Hear us as we pray

Ordinary Chords and Lyrics – Hannah Kerr

I have looked for You in the mountains Waited for the ground to shake I’ve searched the sky for something amazing Remind me there’s another way Just as marvelous Still miraculous

One Day Chords and Lyrics – Cochren & Co.

One day there’ll be no more waiting left for our souls One day there’ll be no more children longing for home One day when the kingdom comes right here where we stand We will see the promised land

Oh The Power Chords and Lyrics – Crossroads Music

I was an heir without a kingdom I was an orphan with no home These lungs were full of promise But emptiness I chose