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Oh The Power Chords and Lyrics – Crossroads Music

I was an heir without a kingdom I was an orphan with no home These lungs were full of promise But emptiness I chose

Out Of Hiding (Father’s Song) Chords and Lyrics – Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Cook

Come out of hiding You’re safe here with Me There’s no need to cover what I already see You’ve got your reasons, but I hold your peace You’ve been on lockdown, and I hold the key

Oxygen Chords and Lyrics – Steffany Gretzinger

You are my oxygen You’re making me wanna live again You are my oxygen You’re making me wanna live again

Only You Can Chords and Lyrics – Jeremy Camp

When I’ve met my match and there’s nowhere to go Heart under attack, no hope on my own I break, and I tear, spin out of control The burdens I wear like weights on my shoulders So, find me here as I surrender

Only Have One Chords and Lyrics – The McClures

There’s no confusion The darkness could never hide Your resurrection The power that lives inside

Original Love Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Citipointe Worship feat. Jared Porter

You were the first word You’ll be the last You were the first light Breaking the dark And should I lose my way Stumble and fall You always call my name Lead my heart to Yours

One Thirst Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Bethel Music

You say to us, “Seek Your face” Our hearts reply, “Your face we seek” And come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways Anoint us for the greater things

Only Takes A Moment Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Cory Asbury

Your love shines in darkest places, reaching for my heart In Your light I find the pieces, every missing part Hope is found in hopeless places, everywhere You are Take my hand and lead me forward, forward to the start