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My Weapon Chords and Lyrics – Natalie Grant

Let every lie be silenced and all depression cease Let every dark assignment bow?down?at Jesus’ feet Let?every curse be broken, let every?storm be tamed And all that come against us be bound in Jesus’ name

More To Come Chords and Lyrics – Passion & Kristian Stanfill

You’re the God who makes the giants fall You bring down the walls of Jericho You’re the God who gives the miracle We believe

My Worth Is Not In What I Own Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Keith & Kristyn Getty, We Are Messengers

My worth is not in what I own Not in the strength of flesh and bone But?in?the costly wounds?of love At the cross

My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Keith & Kristyn Getty

My heart is filled with thankfulness To Him who bore my pain Who plumbed the depths of my disgrace And gave me life again Who crushed my curse of sinfulness And clothed me in His light And wrote His law of righteousness With pow’r upon my heart

Take Heart (MMXX) Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Worship

There is a light It burns brighter than the sun He steals the night And casts no shadow There is hope Should oceans rise and mountains fall He never fails

My Testimony Chords and Lyrics – Elevation Worship

I saw satan fall like lightning I saw darkness run for cover But the miracle that I just can’t get over My name is registered in heaven

The Middle Chords and Lyrics – Audrey Assad

Hey, don’t write yourself off yet It’s only in your head you feel left out Or looked down on Just try your best, everything you can Don’t you worry what they tell themselves When you’re away

My Hallelujah Chords and Lyrics – Bryan & Katie Torwalt

Peace, be still, calm this soul I need You here now, restore my hope I confess, I’ve been afraid Remind my heart, Lord Increase my faith