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Made For More Chords and Lyrics – Josh Baldwin, Jenn Johnson

I know who I am ’cause I know who You are The cross of salvation was only the start Now I am chosen, free and forgiven I have a future and it’s worth the living

More Precious Than Gold (Psalm 19) Chords and Lyrics – The Worship Initiative, Writers Well, Robbie Seay, Britton Hardcastle

Walking in the dark I couldn’t see Locked inside the lies of unbelief But then Your Word it came to me A light unto my eyes Your law is good and true and pure and bright

Man Of Sorrows Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Steffany Gretzinger

I want to know the Man of Sorrows Know Him in His suffering To love Him more than any other That He might rest with me Keep me close to the Man of Sorrows Take all that hinders me All that keeps me from His Presence ‘Til He is everything

My Redeemer Is Faithful And True Chords and Lyrics – Steven Curtis Chapman

As I look back on this road I’ve traveled I see so many times He carried me through And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my life My Redeemer is faithful and true

My Jesus Chords and Lyrics – The Worship Initiative, Davy Flowers

Are you past the point of weary? Is your burden weighing heavy? Is it all too much to carry? Let me tell you about my Jesus Do you feel that empty feeling ‘Cause shame’s done all its stealing And you’re desperate for some healing? Let me tell you about my Jesus

My God Is All I Need/My God Is So Big Chords and Lyrics – CityAlight

Dark, dark is the valley Faint, the light at my feet But whatever may face me My God is all I need

Make It Through Chords and Lyrics – Leanna Crawford

Long day, tough night Just one of those weeks I feel stressed out Run down Like you wouldn’t believe When I’m staring in the mirror I can hear You whisper Just breathe, trust me, yeah Even on a long day Tough night, tough year

More Like Jesus Chords and Lyrics – Passion, Kristian Stanfill

You came to the world You created Trading Your crown for a cross You willingly died Your innocent life paid the cost