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Light Of The World Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Planetshakers

Years ago, in the darkness of the night There was a glow, the radiance of a light Led to the One, the one and only Son For unto us a child is born, He will be called

Rise Up (Lazarus) Chords and Lyrics – Cain

In the dark and all alone, growing comfortable Are you too scared to move and walk out of this tomb Buried underneath the lies that you believed Safe and sound Stuck in the ground, too lost to be found You’re just asleep, and it’s time to leave, come on

Lord Over All Chords and Lyrics – Kari Jobe

In the valley of the unknown I will lift my voice In the shifting, in the shadow I know You are with me

Lord Send Revival Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Young & Free

Peace like a river wash over me Immerse me in water as deep as the sea Hide me in love Your healing embrace Peace like a river wash over me

Let Love Lead Chords and Lyrics – Terrian

Seeds of bitter root Will grow bitter fruit A tree without its limbs where’s the righteousness Better to be lowly Along with the oppressed Whatever’s in our hearts Our lives will reflect Help us to be planted in you, Lord

Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call (Psalm 42) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Keith & Kristyn Getty

Lord, from sorrows deep I call When my hope is shaken Torn and ruined from the fall Hear my desperation For so long I’ve pled and prayed God, come to my rescue Even so the thorn remains Still my heart will praise You

You Came (Lazarus) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Amanda Cook

You stood outside my grave With tears still on Your face I heard You say my name My night was turned to day

Like You Love Me Chords and Lyrics – Tauren Wells

Always something tryin’ to steal my mood My crazy thoughts tryin’ to kill my groove That’s when I hear a voice whisper through the noise That brings the bigger picture into view Whenever the clouds come into my mind I won’t forget it’s You who tells the sun to shine Every worry, every night Every […]