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Living Water Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane

Dry bones Right now Breathe in Breathe out No more Drinking The dirt I’m thirsty

Psalm 42 (Loudest Praise) Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane

As the deer pants for the water So my soul pants for You All my tears have been my fodder Day and night my only food Oh, my soul you feel forgotten Put your hope in Christ alone As the deer longs for the water So my soul longs to be home

Louder Than The Lies Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Joel Vaughn

Before I ever even roll out of my bed There’s a thousand voices screamin’ in my head A million reasons why I’m not enough for what’s ahead I Just woke up, already scared to death Oh no, here we go, worst case scenario at least that’s what my feelings tell me What’s real, what’s meant […]

Let Your Love Pour Out Chords and Lyrics – I AM THEY

Even when the darkness fills my skies The faith within my well has run dry The hope I had is fading from my eyes Your love is unfailing Your love is what saves me

Listen To The Sound Chords and Lyrics – Building 429

Are you in over your head Are you on water so deep you’re drowning Do you think you’ve been left And there is no one to feel your hurting Well everybody has been there And everybody’s felt lost If you’re in over your head lift it up, lift it up, oh

Loved By You Chords and Lyrics – Planetboom

This is so deep This is so powerful More than just a feeling This truth is foundational This is?so?real This is so?personal More than just religion My God is?relational

Look What God Has Done Chords and Lyrics – Madison Street Worship feat. Harley Rowell

In every valley, He has been faithful to provide Even in shadows, He scatters darkness with?His?light In every season,?He has sustained me with His?Word And like a Good Shepherd, He leads me steady and secure

Lifted Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jonathan Traylor

I am redeemed You ransomed me You buried my shame You called me worthy