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Loyal Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Lauren Daigle

I could never earn Your heart I could never reach that far But You have pulled me close You’ve never let me go I’m safe forever in Your arms Your promises I can not break And I know You will never change

Let’s Go Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Planetshakers

The shadows of my yesterday Clouded up my faith to pray But You blew it all away The voices tried to pull me down And bury me into the ground But You made the greater sound

Lift Your Head, Weary Sinner (Chains) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Crowder & Passion

Lift your head weary sinner The river’s just ahead Down the path of forgiveness Salvation’s waiting there You built a mighty fortress Ten thousand burdens high Love is here to lift you up Here to lift you high

At The Cross (Love Ran Red) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Chris Tomlin

There’s a place where mercy reigns and never dies There’s a place where streams of grace flow deep and wide Where all the love I’ve ever found Comes like a flood Comes flowing down

Love Has Found Us Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Bellarive

Broken down, I’ve run aground In perfect need of You The life You bring, You breathe on me For out of You comes everything

Leave Me Astounded Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Planetshakers

All my hands have made, I’m laying down All that I hold dear, my many crowns I have tasted and seen of Your great love You satisfy me You satisfy me

Live To Praise You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Lincoln Brewster

Day after day You never change Ever the same, there is hope in Your name You are the fire that’s burning bright Ever You reign so we’re lifting You high

Lead Me Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Sanctus Real

I look around and see my wonderful life Almost perfect from the outside In picture frames I see my beautiful wife Always smiling But on the inside, oh I can hear her saying