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Indescribable Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Young & Free

You’re indescribable in every way You searched me out and now I’m caught up in Your grace I heard my name across the ocean You pulled me closer, the current changed You showed me life, a new horizon A silver lining, a brand new day

Isn’t It Love Chords and Lyrics – Andrew Peterson

Lost my luggage in Kalamazoo Same way I tend to lose my conscience, too Another day in these dirty old blues, and I don’t seem to mind This is a thing that confounds me You can find me Lord; You surround and remind me I lose my way and I forget about You But You […]

I Choose To Worship Chords and Lyrics – Rend Collective

I choose to worship, I choose to bow Though there’s pain in the offering, I lay it down Here in the conflict when doubt surrounds Though my soul is unraveling, I choose You now

I Know Chords and Lyrics – Big Daddy Weave

You don’t answer all my questions But You hear me when I speak You don’t keep my heart from breakin’ But when it does, You weep with me You’re so close that I can feel You When I’ve lost the words to pray And though my eyes have never seen You I’ve seen enough to […]

I’ll Be Everything Chords and Lyrics – Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson

When you’re underwater, don’t know up from down You don’t need to fight it, just surrender now I know your heart is aching, You feel in the dark You are not alone, I know where you are

I Shall Not Want Chords and Lyrics – Audrey Assad

From the love of my own comfort From the fear of having nothing From a life of worldly passions Deliver me O God

I Will Look Up Chords and Lyrics – Elevation Worship

All the worries of this world I will lay them at your feet Surrender every anxious thought for perfect peace Your perfect peace

I Speak Jesus Chords and Lyrics – Here Be Lions

I just want to speak the Name of Jesus Over every heart and every mind I know there is peace within Your presence I speak Jesus