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In The Valley Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – CityAlight feat. Sandra McCracken

When the path that I feared Is the way He has set And I long to give in and retreat Still to Jesus I hold As I face every step For the Lord He will give me His peace

It Is Finished Chords and Lyrics – The Modern Post

There’s no deed that can redeem us There’s no rite, no magic word Only by the work of Jesus Can salvation be secured

The In Between Chords and Lyrics – Matt Maher

From death to life From darkness to a shine From fear to a peace I can’t explain From doubts to a hope Holding on and letting go Of all the empty promises of shame This is my song

It Was Finished Upon That Cross Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – CityAlight

How I love the voice of Jesus On the cross of Calvary He declares His work is finished He has spoken this hope to me Though the sun had ceased its shining Though the war appeared as lost Christ had triumphed over evil It was finished upon that cross

I Just Want You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Planetshakers

More than a nice melody More than the sweetest of words This is the love I have found And in this love I am found

Immigrant’s Song Chords and Lyrics – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Jordyn Shellhart

I was a stranger On the outside looking in Beyond all favor I was wandering She was a mother But no one to call her own This lowly stranger Could never disown

I Am Loved Chords and Lyrics – Watermark Music, Jon Abel, Bethany Barnard

He gave me life And healed my heart You saved me from A million scars Now I call Him father He calls me friend and this is who He says I am

I Stand Amazed Chords and Lyrics – Reach City Worship

Returning to my first love I find You were always there Right by my side Countless times before I’ve turned away You always love me You forgave me