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I Just Want You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Planetshakers

More than a nice melody More than the sweetest of words This is the love I have found And in this love I am found

Immigrant’s Song Chords and Lyrics – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Jordyn Shellhart

I was a stranger On the outside looking in Beyond all favor I was wandering She was a mother But no one to call her own This lowly stranger Could never disown

I Am Loved Chords and Lyrics – Watermark Music, Jon Abel, Bethany Barnard

He gave me life And healed my heart You saved me from A million scars Now I call Him father He calls me friend and this is who He says I am

I Stand Amazed Chords and Lyrics – Reach City Worship

Returning to my first love I find You were always there Right by my side Countless times before I’ve turned away You always love me You forgave me

I Need You Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worhship, Jessie Harris

I have this thirst only You can satisfy My heart, it burns, with an all-consuming fire I search and seek but You’re never hard to find The more of You I see, the more that I desire

I Will Trust You In The Darkness Chords and Lyrics – EMU Music

I will trust You in the darkness I will serve You in my pain I will worship in the wilderness And will follow to the end For You are the suffering shepherd And You know Your sheep by name So I will trust You in the darkness once again

I Love You Lord Chords and Lyrics – Citipointe Worship, Becky Lucas

And I love you, Lord And I lift my voice To worship You Oh, my soul, rejoice!

It’s Happening Now Chords and Lyrics – Lakewood Music

I still believe You can move any mountain with just one word And I still believe You can heal any sickness with just one touch I still believe You can overcome fear with Your perfect love And I still believe there is freedom for all by Your precious blood