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Here We Stand Chords and Lyrics – Emu Music

Here we stand the church of the redeemed Ransomed by the blood that sets us free From the darkness, brought into the light Enemies of God now his delight From the depths called to highest heights Here we stand, the church of the redeemed We are his, precious in his sight Here we stand the […]

Hallelujah Anyway Chords and Lyrics – Rend Collective

I’ll find a way to praise You From the bottom of my broken heart ‘Cause I think I’d rather strike a match than curse the dark Yeah I’ll find a way to thank You Though bitterness is real and hard ‘Cause I’d rather take a chance on hope than fall apart

Honest Chords and Lyrics – Influence Music, Melody Noel

How can I write To someone I’ve never seen How can I love Someone I’ve yet to meet I wanna know I gotta be honest, yeah How can I trust Someone who says they’re good When it doesn’t turn out The way that I think it should I wanna know I’m just being honest

Hope Returns Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

So this is how it feels when standing strong Turns?into?barely even holding?on The plans you had are shattered?on the floor And your fear tells your faith There’s no use in praying those prayers anymore

Hymn Of Heaven Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Phil Wickham

How I long to breathe the air of Heaven Where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets To look upon the one who bled to save me And walk with Him for all eternity

How Marvelous Chords and Lyrics – Austin Stone Worship

I stand amazed in the presence Of Jesus the Nazarene And wonder how He could love me A?sinner?condemned, unclean

Highlands (Song Of Ascent) Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong & Benjamin William Hastings

O how high would I climb mountains If the mountains were where You hide O how far I’d scale the valleys If You graced the other side O how long have I chased rivers From lowly seas to where they rise Against the rush of grace descending From the source of its supply

Heart To Heart Chords and Lyrics – VOUS Worship

Here in the quiet I learn to listen Leaning on Your every word Unarmed and open Pretenses broken Letting go of all I hold