Did you draw a breath as the dawn awoke
And does your heart still beat?
Is the mighty Word of the living God
Upholding you? Then sing, O sing

Has the Father’s love filled your longing heart
With grace for every need?
Come and lay your burdens at Jesus’ feet
And find new strength to sing, O sing

Morning and evening! Everything breathing
Must sing, O sing!
All of creation rise up and praise
The King of kings and sing!

Has the Son of God died to take away
Your sin and set you free?
Has the Conqueror trampled over death?
Is Christ enthroned? Then sing O sing!

On the final day when the Lord on High
Returns in majesty
We will bow in wonder before the Lamb
And evermore the saints will sing
Yes, evermore the saints will sing!

Words & Music : Nathan Stiff and David Zimmer

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