Christ our wisdom, we are humbled
When You hide Your ways from us
You have purposes unnumbered
Each one good and glorious
Help us trust when we grow weary
Free us from our anxious thoughts
Give us grace to see more clearly
You are God and we are not

Christ our wisdom, be our gladness
When we fail to understand
You ordain all joy and sadness
To fulfill Your perfect plan
Help us know You rule with power
Over every raging flood
In our most uncertain hour
You are God and we are loved

Christ our wisdom, we will follow
Though the way ahead is veiled
As we journey through the shadows
Grant us faith where sight has failed
Help us cling to Your commandments
Strengthened by Your faithful word
We will never be abandoned
You are God and we are Yours

Christ our wisdom, we adore You
For the beauty of the cross
Once in foolishness we scorned You
But Your blood has ransomed us
Help us sing the endless mercies
Of Your humble heart to save
Christ our wisdom, Christ our glory
You are God forever praised

Words & Music : Jon Althoff, Bob Kauflin, and Nathan Stiff

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