Not every road is easy
Not every mountain high
And sometimes in the battle
I can lose my fight
You lead me through the valley
You promise me the stars
Invite me to Your table
And feed my hungry heart

There is no other place no safe house
No way of escape where I’ll be found
Like the home I have in You
The home I have in You
There is no other love that draws me back
It’s always enough and never in lack
The home I have in You
The home I have in You

Hope brings us to the fountain
Love binds our broken bones
With eyes looking to the mountains
Where our help is coming from
Father, Son, and Spirit
Leader, King, and Dove
I’ll follow You forever
Into Your Kingdom come

I choose You and You choose me
I won’t let go of You
Cause You won’t let go of me
(repeat 3x)
No, You won’t let go

Words & Music : Bede Benjamin-Korporaal, Corey Voss, Rita Springer

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