I will not be anxious
Jesus, You are near
The Peace of God surrounding me
And casting out all fears
The hand that holds the heavens
Is the mighty hand that saves
The voice that calms the stormy seas
Is calling me by name

I’m singing in the victory
The victory of the cross
I’m resting in the shadow
Of Your redeeming love
I’m standing on the promise
The promise of new life
‘Cause I am Yours forever
And Jesus, You are mine
Oh Jesus, You are mine

When I have forgotten
The fullness of Your grace
Yes, I’ll remember Calvary
Where You took my place

There is no one like You, God
Love immeasurable and strong
There is no one like You, God
So lead this heart to sing in awe

Words & Music : Aaron Ivey, Brett Land, Dietrich Schmidt, Jaleesa McCreary, Logan Walter, Marcus Dawes

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