Who is this man of gentleness
Rejected by the ones He loved
Why would the fount of righteousness
Let mercy flow as crimson blood?

Alas, did my savior bleed for me
It was my sin that drove the nails
Undying love climbed Calvary
And bore the weight til death prevailed

Oh death, here is your sting
To see my Savior on a tree
Oh hope, where have you gone?
When will you rise, oh setting sun?

Light of the world hung on a cross
How could it be, has darkness won?
Mourners watched in holy pause
The Word of God, now silent Son

My Jesus slept, God’s dying Son
Passed from the cross to bless the grave
Rest here, my Lord, ‘til rising sun
When morning breaks to pierce the shade
The morning Son will pierce the shade

Words & Music : Aaron Ivey, Alex Espinoza, Brett Land, Dietrich Schmidt, Matt Graham

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