No wonder they call You
The Ancient of Days
Alpha, Omega
Forever the Same
Lifter of burdens
Breaker of chains
Jesus, Messiah
You never change

You’re still miracle working
You’re still building our faith
You’re still giving us reasons
To give You all our Praise
You’re still moving in power
You’re still pouring out love
You’re still fighting our battles
Just like You’ve always done

I’ve heard them call You
The name above names
King of all kings
Forever You reign
Healer of sickness
Giver of grace
Jesus Messiah, You never change

Yesterday today tomorrow forever
You stay the same, You stay the same
Yesterday today tomorrow forever
You never change, You never change

Words & Music : Jessie Early, Mack Donald Iii Brock, Charles Henry Iii Bentley

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