I will trust my Saviour Jesus
When my darkest doubts befall
Trust Him when to simply trust Him
Seems the hardest thing of all

I will trust my Saviour Jesus
Trust Him when my strength is small
For I know the shield of Jesus
Is the safest place of all

Jesus, only Jesus
Help me trust You more and more
Jesus, only Jesus
May my heart be ever Yours

I will trust my Saviour Jesus
He has said His way is best
And I know the path He’s chosen
Leads to everlasting rest

Oh on that cross, how it was seen
I can go now ever trusting in the One who died for me
What could I bring for Your gift is complete
So I trust You, simply trust You, Lord, with every part of me

Words & Music : Rich Thompson, Tiarne Tranter, Jonny Robinson, Jaywan Maxwell

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