Rejoice in the Lord now and always
Sing it again, we rejoice
Delight in the love He has shown us
Gratefully lift up your voice
His gentleness among us
Will join our hearts with praise
We gather in His goodness
A family of grace

With each breath He has given
Praise the Lord
In these times we live in
We will praise the Lord
Throughout every season
I am sure
We have ev?ry reason
To praise the Lord

R?joice and be anxious for nothing
Prayin’ for all that you need
Come with a song of thanksgiving
Lay your requests at His feet
His peace will fall upon us
To guard our hearts and minds
In Christ who reigns eternal
The Shepherd of our lives

Rejoice in the Lord now and always
Tell of the good He has done
Worship the Lord to remember
All of the joy yet to come
The hope that burns within us
The dark cannot destroy
With praise that’s never ending
We say again, rejoice

Praise, praise the Lord
We have every reason
To praise the Lord

Words & Music : Keith Getty, Ben Shive, Kristyn Getty, Bryan Christopher Fowler, Skye Peterson

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