You’re turning over tables
And calling for return
To our lives upon the altar
The things we did at first
You’re clearing out the temple
You’re cleaning out the dirt
For we are Your territory
Lord, we are Your Church

We are Your people
You are our God
We are Your temple
Make us holy like You are

You see a holy nation
A flock to consecrate
A chosen generation
A people called to pray
So help us God to please You
Where only You can see
For every moment matters in eternity

We are Your children
You’ve set us apart
God, for Your glory
Make us holy like You are

Mark Your people
With Your presence
Make us a place where You delight to dwell
May we heed Your hand’s correction
Oh Lord, our Shepherd, You do all things well
Your love as firm as it is tender
Your law is perfect and Your judgments true
As we run to resurrender
You will restore what we return to You
You are restoring as we yield anew

If You’re calling
We’re coming
We’re not walking, we’re running
God, we need resurrender
So we resurrender

Words & Music : Brooke Ligertwood, Chris Davenport

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