Love descends from heaven to a teenage daughter
She listened as the angel spoke
A message from the throne
Of the God who holds the night inside His hands
The presence of the holy ghost within her
Formed the child who all the world
Would know as Christ our king
Dressed in majesty

But there you lie
There you lie in a wooden bed

There You are the Savior of the world
Out in the elements to rest
Sleep young child, as heaven celebrates
The Lord of righteousness

Peace will come upon this child and his kingdom
The government will rest upon
The shoulders of the one
Who heals the blind with just a single touch
The miracles He’ll do within His lifetime
Jesus Christ the son of David
Wonderful is He
Dressed in majesty

And He shall be called
Wonderful Counselor
Our God is here
And He shall be called
Mighty God Prince of Peace
Our God is here

And He shall be called
Emmanuel Emmanuel
Our God is here

Words & Music : Josh Barnett

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