Anybody out there got some troubles
Anybody out there got some heartache? Me too
Just when you think it can’t get any worse
Somehow it gets worse but my friend hold on

When it feels like I might have a breakdown
I got a friend closer than a brother saying lay down your burdens
Your heartache, your hurtin’
It may not make sense but here in this mess

I have peace, I have peace
Peace that surpasses understanding
I know life’s out of my hands but I’ll make it through
‘Cause I got You
When my worlds in a thousand pieces
Jesus You’re the only reason I have peace

Let me go a little further, I’m about to break it down
Every life has two choices, yeah, you can let go or you can control
I chose to let go, now deep in my soul

In the valley, in the waiting, in the trials, in the hurting
Even in a hospital, facing the impossible
You give me peace
Even pain, persecution
Take it all away, there’s one thing I’m not losing
I feel the wave of your presence
Wash over my soul and I know, yes, I know I have peace

I have peace

Words & Music : AJ Pruis, Danny Gokey, Matthew West

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