Wake up my soul, when did you become afraid
For He’s called you by name
Do you remember who your God is

Stand up again, is there something that He cannot do
All your worry can wait
He set the stars in their place
And there they shall remain

Fear not, He’s with us
When we walk through the fire
Fear not, He’s for us
In the middle of the storm
So come with praises
And glorify the Lord

So break off those chains, with holy hands we elevate
The name above all names, who can match His wonder
Who can stand against our God

You’re the God that brought the walls down
Watch them fall again
Parts the oceans, moves the mountains
His power knows no end

You’re the God that delivered nations
You brought armies to their knees
Fed 10,000, opened blind eyes
Working miracles in me

Words & Music : Pastor Adam Smallcombe, Carly O’Rourke, Rueben Maza, Paola Romero

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