When life is a long road
There’s One I will follow
His mercy will never grow tired
Never grow old
There’s grace for the distance
His strength for my weakness
To throw off the weight of the world
And hear You reminding me

When You’re weary and you’re worn out
Don’t fret now
Find rest in open arms
Keep on running till the last line
Keep your head high
‘Cause I’ve already won

In Your bravest moment
For us You were broken
And still to the very end
Lord You fought for my soul
Your passion unending
Your love never failing
Jesus You’re all that I want
Your life is reminding me

Your love goes on and on and on
Your love will never stop
So I’ll keep on and on and on
Until this race is run

Words & Music : Ben Tan & Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen

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