There’s a song that stirs the spirit
And it calls the heart to life
It’s an anthem?in?the making
Can you?feel it start to rise

Can you?hear the generations
Getting louder over time
Every son and every daughter
Singing out into the night

It’s not time to be silent
Don’t you dare hide your light
There’s a world outside your window
So don’t let it pass you by

Lift your hands to the heavens
Lift your voice to the sky
Praise the lord of all creation
Let his name be lifted high

Singing oh oh oh oh oh oh

From the famous to the faceless
From the palace to the streets
I can feel that drum beat pulsing
And it’s calling you and me

I can hear the world awaken
Oh the sound is heavenly
Every tribe and every nation
Singing Jesus I believe

See the world light up
One heart at a time
See the strongholds break
In a blink of an eye
Death and all our sin
Nowhere in sight
For the Lord
He is alive

See the lost return
From the dead of the night
Every captive free
Every chain left behind
Have you ever seen
Such a beautiful sight
All the world
Coming alive

Words & Music : Aodhan King, Joshua Grimmett & Ben Tan

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