I have looked for You in the mountains
Waited for the ground to shake
I’ve searched the sky for something amazing
Remind me there’s another way
Just as marvelous
Still miraculous

I see You in the ordinary
Every breath I breathe
In my own heart beat
I know You’re always right here with me
Nothing is mundane
Your glory is displayed in a million ways
In the ordinary You make my days
Extraordinary, in the ordinary

In the sunrise that wakes the morning
Or watching as the seasons change
In a heart to heart conversation
And joy that can’t be contained
Oh, it’s marvelous
So miraculous

I want to see You, I want to know You
I want to find You in every moment
Your presence is present
I believe it in every moment
I see You in the ordinary

Words & Music : Tony Wood, Sean Cook, Hannah Kerr

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