Seeds of bitter root
Will grow bitter fruit
A tree without its limbs
where’s the righteousness
Better to be lowly
Along with the oppressed
Whatever’s in our hearts
Our lives will reflect
Help us to be planted in you, Lord

Let love lead
No matter how long the road
Let love lead
Even when it’s not comfortable
Let love lead
Cause we got nothing if we don’t have love
Let love lead
Let love lead, let love lead us, yeah
Let love lead us, yeah
Let love lead us

He wasn’t born a thug
But his mother’s only son
No father that he knew
Where does he turn to
Something will fill that space
The streets will indoctrinate
The love of God he craves
We can’t turn him away

If we are in Christ
There’s no black or white
There’s no left or right
God give us Your eyes
Help us to erase
The bitterness and hate
So there is only love

Words & Music : Aaron Cole

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