If it was all about religion
What to do, what to say
What to wear on a Sunday
All about perfection
Black and white, wrong or right, never grey
Well, I’d never make it
I’d never be good enough

I try to walk the line, pray that I’d find
Something that I knew was real
Began to realize, the harder I tried
The colder I’d start to feel
Until the moment, the second I met Your Love

I can throw my hands up, worries down
I remember when He showed me how
To break up with my doubt
Once I was lost, but now I’m found
No strings attached, when He saved my soul
I want you to know, the God I know
Oh, you gotta know, oh, the God I know

He is more than just a rescue
That’s where it starts
Not where it ends, let freedom in
More than just a story, in the sky, wearing white
He’s alive, in every moment
And now that I know this Love

What was I waiting for
I came alive when I let go
All I had was a broken heart
Then He held me in His arms

Words & Music : Chris Rademaker, Colin Munroe, Jodi King, Seth David Mosley

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