How did we get here?
We’re cast away on a lonely shore
I can see in your eyes, dear
It’s hard to take for a moment more
We’ve got to

Burn the ships, cut the ties
Send a flare into the night
Say a prayer, turn the tide
Dry your tears and wave goodbye

Step into a new day
We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon the heartache, yeah
So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships
And don’t you look back

Don’t let it arrest you
This fear, this fear of fallin’ again
And if you need a refuge
I will be right here until the end
Oh, it’s time to

So long to shame, walk through the sorrow
Out of the fire into tomorrow
So flush the pills, face the fear
Feel the weight disappear
We’re comin’ clean, we’re born again
Our hopeful lungs can breathe again
Oh, we can breathe again

And don’t you look back
And don’t you look back

Words & Music : Joel David Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Matt Hales, Seth Mosley

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