How quickly we forget the God
Who lives in everyday
How easy to lose sight
That You reside in the mundane
How quickly we forget the power
That’s running through our veins
The kind of power that empties graves

And oh my soul
Remember who you’re talking to
The only one who death bows to
That’s the God who walks with you
And oh my soul
You know that if He did it then
He can do it all again
His power can still raise the dead
Don’t tell me that He’s finished yet

Lest we not forget the voice
That’s holding back the waves
Was once the voice that told the skies
To pour them into place
Let us join the endless song
Of everlasting praise
The only God who empties graves

If You broke through the oceans
You can break through these chains
If Your word made the mountains
It can move them all the same
If death fell before You
And it’s still on its face
Then the power that raised You
Is about to move again

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