Your peace on the water was still
As planets aligned with Your will
With just a word from Your lips
The Father, the Spirit, the Son
One vision, one fire, one love
The spark of all creation

The light of love exploding
Where the dark was holding on
All creation praising You
Who breathed the first day’s dawn
And as the sunset faded down
You’d already seen
The hour You’d die
To set me free

We lift You alone, we lift You alone
Forever and ever enthroned
Christ the Lord
Exalted alone, exalted alone
All of creation behold the Cornerstone

You came with no army nor sword
Just love that would conquer the world
And gather Yours to Your voice
Greater is no love than this
To lay down one’s life for his friends
And You chose Calvary

Who am I that You should be
Beaten and despised
The perfect King of Heaven
Left Your paradise to die
And on that cross You offer me what
No one else could give
Your saving grace
That I might live

I will set my eyes on Paradise
With You, The Lamb of God
Raised up high

Words & Music : Colin Moore

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