I once was captive by the enemy
He had me thinking I was out of reach
O Jesus, mercy shut his mouth

I once was crippled by the weight of shame
Embarrassed, I couldn’t even show my face
O Jesus, then I heard You speak

Your love
It comes with no conditions
You give us Your whole heart
My hope
Is in the blood of Jesus
I know who I am
Because of who You are

I hear You calling me beyond my sin
You tell me that grace has taken care of it
O Jesus, You’re my victory
O Jesus, You’re my victory

I serve a King with good intentions
God, You will never
Turn Your back on me
How could a wretch become Your treasure
The love of God
Has changed my destiny

Words & Music : Sean Curran, Ed Cash, Louie Giglio, Brett Younker, Melodie Malone

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