This is all I want
That the love I have for you
Doesn’t fade along with youth
Can you help with that

The reason that I ask
I’ve seen far too many friends
Walk away and not come back
I want more than that

I won’t wash away
Like branches in rain
I’d rather be kindling in the light

Set me on fire like I’ve never known
I want to love you more as life goes on
So all of my days I’ll place
My first love first again

This is all I pray
Over everything I ask
That my friends one day come back
Can you help with that

God I know you can
‘Cause the fire won’t mean a thing
If it ends right here with me
You want more than that

The river runs fast
But you wait at the banks
And pull us like driftwood from the wild

Once I was drifting but you called me home
So I’ll give my life for the ones still lost
And I’ll see my friends reclaim
Their first love first again

You’ll see this world return
And your first love love you first

Words & Music : Benjamin Hastings, Aodhan King, Ben Tan

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