No one can move like Jesus does
No one can love like Jesus loves
Oh, He can change the hardest heart
Nothing else but Jesus love

No one can save like Jesus saves
He is greater than everything I face
And I will serve Him for all my days
Nothing else but Jesus name

For there is no one else like You
There is no one else like You
You’re the King of our generation
Jesus, there is no one else like You

You are the truth, You are the way
You have the Name above all names
In every moment of every day
I live to shout out Jesus praise

Over every temptation ever aimed against us
Over sin and depression
Over fear and sickness
Over emptiness and loneliness
Over silence and shame
Over the potential that we’ve wasted seeking acceptance and fame
Over racism and hate
Over violence and rage
Over every substance we’ve ever taken trying to avoid all the pain
Over success and popularity
Over pride and vanity
Over every attempt we’ve ever made to try escape our reality
Over the search for identity
Over the enemy of our destinies
Over the lies from our past
That would try and keep us from who we’re called to be, huh
Over everything the world would try to tell us to seek
Over everything we’re supposed to want or supposedly need
Over money and possessions
Things we’re meant to sell out to
Over the “gods” of our generation
Things we’re meant to bow down to
Over every name and atmosphere
Over culture and king
Jesus over everything
Jesus over everything

Jesus over everything
Jesus over everything

Words & Music : Andy Harrison

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