Every journey needs a first step to start
Every fire grows from a single spark
A great symphony begins with just one note
One voice can give the whole world hope

There’s no impossible, nothing we can’t face
The tallest mountains are moved by a seed of faith
Come together, don’t you know that you’re not alone

We will rise up
For the kingdom come
Lay down our lives
For the sake of love
If God’s with us
We know that
Nothing’s gonna stop us
Nothing’s gonna stop us

He has called you, to all the places you’ll go
He’s the author of every dream that you hold
Come together, don’t you know that the time is now
The time is now

No height, no depth
Could ever keep us from the love of God, I know, I know
No life, no death
Could ever separate us from the love of God, I’m sure

Words & Music : David Douglas Frey, Ben Mcdonald, Bryan Brown

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