Light of the world, hope for all man
You never let me down
I can’t believe You call me Your friend
It’s turned my whole life around
But still it’s hard to let go of the wheel
No one ever showed me how

Maybe this time You can take the lead
And I won’t try to pull You by the sleeve
Because every time I think that I know better, I lose my way
So God, what You wanna do today

You are the King of heaven and earth
All of creation bows
I give You my heart for all that it’s worth
I’m at Your service now
But I always wanna guess just what You need
Trying to honor my vow

Maybe we will spend the hours just being still
And knowing You are God, You are God
Oh every time I think that I know better I lose my way
Don’t let me lose my way

What You wanna do today

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