Take me into the beautiful, won’t You take me back again
With a love unexplainable, come and fill up this dry land
Let it open our eyes to see a world we’ve never seen
Let it open our hearts up to feel You inside of us
You’re here inside of me

Take me into the beautiful, where the rivers flow
Where the love that never ends
Oh I want to go to the beautiful lalalalalala
Take me into the beautiful where the faces glow
Where the lights that never dim
Oh I want to go to the beautiful, come on and take me again

lalalalalala lalala

Take me into the myst’ry, gently lift me with Your grace
Make the chaos a chorus, with Yourself come fill this place
Cover me with Your mercy, come and cover me with love
Cover me so that all might see that it’s You, not me
It is You that I am singing of

A love that’s brighter than diamonds when I am with You
A love that always invitesk us to be with You
Your love is brighter than diamonds, now I’m with You

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