It’s the news that no one hopes for, every parent’s greatest fear
Finding out the child you love so much
Might not make it through the year
Now the thought of spending Christmas, without him just feels wrong
They’ve been praying for a miracle
Now they’re praying he can just hold on

For one last Christmas one last time
One last season when the world is right
One more telling of the story, one more verse of Silent Night
They’d give anything so he could have one last Christmas

Middle of September, still seventy degrees
Daddy climbs up in the attic
Brings down candles, hangs the lights on all the trees
Then the neighbors started asking and pretty soon word got around
First it was the neighborhood
Before too long they lit up that whole town

Twenty-seventh of October, his time was wearing thin
Friends and family, even strangers
That they didn’t even know brought presents in
He was weak but he was smiling like there was nothing even wrong
They said he wouldn’t make it, looks like he got to see it after all

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