Visit us, we cry out for grace again
Come wash away away our sin
Humble us, give us grateful hearts
That You have called us all Your friends
Let the blood of Jesus cleanse us
Make of us a spotless bride
Come, visit us humble us, we cry out for grace again

Live in us, let us be Your feet, Your hands
To love this dying  world
Shine in us, overcome the darkness
With Your holy light of love
Let the name of Jesus draw  men
Just as we were drawn before
Lord live in us, shine in us
Let us be Your feet Your hands

We believe, You are here to meet every need
We believe compassion will flow from Your loving arms
We draw near, confident our cries reach Your ear
You alone can help us obey everyday we live

Dwell in us, manifest the glory of Your cross and all You gave
Come to us, let us see the mystery, of God with us  again
Thank You for this priceless treasure
Hidden in these jars of clay
Lord, dwell in us, come to us, manifest Your glory
Live in us, Shine in us, manifest Your glory
Visit us, Humble us, we cry out of grace again