Climb in the bus-akkah, here comes Awanita,
It¹s so much fun-akkah to play at Awanita.

Awanita is, planned on Sunday nights
Instead of one day of excitement, we have 3 crazy nights

So when you feel like the only kid in town, who really misses Lee
Here¹s a list of people who are Christian, just like you and me

Gregory King, might fall out the hummer door-uh
So might Bob Wynn, Charlie Marus, or Atkinson, Laura

The 9th graders eat together, to fill their bellies
People like Lindsay, Lyra, Willow and Kelly

Judy Moon’s half crazy, Sue Stone’s half too
Put them together, you get a Sudy, Woo-hoo!

You don¹t need Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block
Cause you can really jam with Jars of Clay or David Parks (both Christian)

Climb in the busakkah, here comes Awanita
Go down the zipline-akkah, down at Awanita

Susan Folger she is cu
And guess who else is, Junior snorter Katie LaRue (she’s hilarious!)

We’ve got Lanie Folger, and her sister Stacey ain’t crabby
We’ve also got Lauren Folger, not too shabby

Some people think, about gettin’ new pooches
It’s cute as watching Susie and Rob, steal some smooches

None, of, us, are in show biz
But don’t count out Micki Millen, she’s a real skatin’ whiz

So tell your friend Veronica, it’s time to go to Awanita
But please don’t bring a harmonica, on next years Awanita

You might think you’re bionic-a, but don’t smoke marajuanicah
If you really, really wanna-kah, Have a happy, happy, happy, happy
Awanita.  Happy Awanita