Verse 1:
This time I cannot escape
Your matchless power and grace
I take the look upon Your face And I
Cling to you and embrace

Verse 2:
I do not know what is real Between
I lay at your feet and I kneel And I
Close my eyes, make the deal

Oh Lord of the heavens
Oh Lord of the mountains
Oh Lord of my life
Come rescue me, save me

Verse 3:
I never walked upon the waves
I never rose from the grave
I’ll trust you and I’ll behave And I’m
Waiting for you to save

Oh Lord of the heavens above
Pour out Your spirit and your love
From my sins I promise to turn
I wanna fell your spirit burn…in me

Verse 4:
You take me through wonders and
You take me through promised lands
Reach out and touch a nail-pierced hand
I see the cross, I understand